PayPal is one of the world`s leading online payment companies and millions of users rely on its platform on a daily basis to send and receive money online. Recently, the company has made some changes to its user agreement that will impact how you use the platform. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at what those changes are and what they mean for you.

The first major change to the PayPal agreement is the introduction of a new fee structure for sellers. Starting from August 2, 2021, PayPal will charge sellers a fee for refunds made to buyers. The fee will be equivalent to the transaction fee for the original payment made by the buyer. This means that if you make a refund to a buyer, you`ll also have to pay a fee equal to the original transaction fee. This new policy applies to all PayPal transactions, including payments made in other currencies.

Another change to the PayPal agreement is the introduction of a new dispute resolution process. PayPal will now offer a streamlined resolution process for disputes between buyers and sellers, which is aimed at resolving issues more quickly and efficiently. Previously, disputes had to be escalated to PayPal`s resolution center, which could take weeks to resolve. Under the new process, buyers and sellers will be able to resolve disputes directly through the PayPal platform.

In addition to these changes, PayPal has also updated its user agreement to reflect changes in its privacy policy. The new agreement states that PayPal may collect and use your personal information for marketing purposes, as well as to prevent fraud and other illegal activities. According to the new agreement, you`ll need to give your consent for PayPal to use your personal information in this way.

Overall, these changes to the PayPal agreement are aimed at improving the user experience for buyers and sellers, as well as protecting the platform from fraud and other illegal activities. As a user of the PayPal platform, it`s important to familiarize yourself with these changes and understand how they will impact your use of the platform. By staying up to date with these changes, you can ensure that you`re able to use PayPal effectively and efficiently in the future.