Our Construction Services

Our Quality Construction Delivery services

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Our Quality Construction Delivery services

Discover the pinnacle of construction excellence with Vinnar: Our Quality Construction Delivery services ensure a flawless execution of projects, exceeding expectations and creating spaces that inspire.


Industrial Park development

Innovation, Infrastructure, Industrial Growth, Sustainability, Expansion.

Production Plant

Efficient, automated, high-capacity, specialized, quality-driven, modern, scalable, sustainable, innovative, reliable.


Storage, logistics, inventory, distribution, organization, space, handling, shipping, stock, efficiency.


Plotted Developments

Land development, residential plots, infrastructure, amenities, investment opportunity.

High rise

Tall buildings, urban skyline, vertical living, modern architecture, panoramic views.

High-end Residences

Luxury, opulence, exclusivity, premium living, top-notch amenities.

Turnkey Interior design

Comprehensive, hassle-free, customized, professional, all-inclusive.

Speciality Construction

Sewage Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment, environmental sustainability, purification, sanitation, filtration.


Storage, containment, vessels, reservoirs, capacity.


Infrastructure, transportation, connectivity, pavement, traffic.

Any other civil cunstructions built as per requirement/request

Tailored, customized, client-specific, bespoke, on-demand.


Commerical Buildings

"Commercial" typically refers to activities, properties, or businesses that are primarily focused on generating profit or conducting trade. In the context of real estate, commercial properties include office buildings, retail spaces, hotels, and industrial facilities. These properties serve as key assets for businesses seeking spaces to operate, sell products, or provide services..